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Harness the power of no code & build a powerful app in 3 Steps! 

Just design and leave the technical details to us, we’ve got you covered.

Discover Design from AppForDummies



  • Ask for your Free Access to design your App for Free

  • You will access to your Design Platform and very own app



  • Download your app and start to check how you can have your app done perfect,

  • Change design, functionalities, add features, or

  • Ask for help if you need to,

Discover Design from AppForDummies



The design you have done fit to your will and you want to launch it!

  • Select your package (Monthly, Half-Yearly or Yearly)

  • Confirm the name of your App, your App logo and loading screen,

  • Confirm the description of your App you want to see in App Stores

Then we deploy!

Launching an app is dependent of iOS and Android. They both review the app (content, logic, rational, data) and they may approve or ask for further information before releasing your app in their stores.

The App is live! Time to train you

Once it is done we will set an online training to adjust the full design and content, plug the weblinks, and activate the features.

The training will also show you how to fully used the platform, to recruit, publish, communicate with your members

Discover Process from AppForDummies

You are ready! We support you!

Once you are confortable with your new app, you can start to invite your leads, clients, community members to join. 

We remains at your disposal through a direct concierge service to support you for any issues, misunderstanding or admin matters!

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