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Expand Your Services Add the best tool that specializes in native app design, development, and deployment to your existing toolkit so you can deliver a complete services offering.


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Are you interested in becoming AppforDummies Certified ? Reach out to our Growth team to learn about our Agency program. We give your team licenses, training, and premium support so you can deliver custom, native mobile apps for your clients.

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Start Your Own Mobile App Business.

Get your AppForDummies Franchise!

We give you the license to develop your business in your country, your province, your city!

App Design

Get Access to App Builder and start to deploy Apps for your clients

Discover App Builder, an exclusive solution tailored to meet the unique requirements of Web agencies. 

Become a Mobile App Designer and Reseller

The highest standard of security and reliability

Our servers are hosted on Microsoft Azure, the leading Infrastructure Provider in the world. Microsoft Azure is Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS SS 584) Level-3 (CSP) certified together with other global certifications such as the ISO 27001 (Security Management Controls) and ISO 27018  (Personal Data Protection)

AppForDummies has designed and follows the strictest set of security mandates and governance to remain in full compliance with the regulatory requirements and guidelines of the governing bodies where it operates.


28% of AppForDummies IT budget is dedicated to our security program, which consists of three separate, dedicated teams that monitor systems and threats 24/7. 

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