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Intense Training

Get your

Dedicated Coach

App Now!

$88 per month



Pick the functionalities & features of your choice. Plug web-links & activate services at fingertip.

Phone Cable Ports



Hosted in Azure Cloud, PDPC Certified, GDPR compliant, & Cyber Essentials Mark certified.

App Mockup



Your App is ready when you open your account on iOS & Android Stores.



Choose your name, your colors, logo, icons, plug your website and your contacts.



Invite members, communicate publications, manage bookings & RSVPs at Will.




Add unique services to make your app more relevant, powerful and sticky. Talk to us!

Same Features, Different Plans.
Maximum Price Flexibility!


$88 / MONTH


$120 / MONTH


$140 / MONTH


Your Customised App


Your Personalised CRM Account


Booking, Calendar, Class Setups

News & Tutorials Publications

Reminders & Scheduled Publications

Members, Students, Clients, Leads

Emails & Notifications

Payment Collections

Customer Data Storage


Your Website in App

Your Whatsapp

Your Payment Gateway

Your Social Networks


App Store Subscription

Microsoft Azure Hosting

Design, Training & Support


In-App Social Network 

Packaged Lifestyle Partners


Concierge Service for Partners

Add your own Partners in App

How your App could look like

Booking Class - Online Class Publication - Payment Gateway - Online Partners - Website Studio Integrated

Details of What You Get
for $88/month

Your Own App

Your Name, Your Logo, Your color

Choose the name of your App, select a set of Colors, Add the functionalities you wish, we launch it for you!

Scheduled Publication 

Design & Automate Reminders, Greetings, Birthdays, Plan Alerts

Draft and plan to launch specific news, alerts, cards, event you want to schedule. Emails and notification will be triggered on the date itself only!

Professional Email Integration

Use your Own Email to communicate with your members & for Marketing

If you need to send  marketing emails & segment your communication according to your audience.

Manage your Data

You Have Access to a Simple yet Comprehensive CRM.

You can download all your data at anytime. Monitor, edit, segment, manage your client portfolio easily.

Free Microsoft Azure Hosting

Certified, Compliant, Fully Secured, Scalable and Optimised

Azure delivers the largest compliance coverage,  provides comprehensive, multilayered security and unparalleled production productivity,

Dedicated Booking Class Module

Unlimited Class, Meetings & Events.

Segment your booking and send it to all or specific members automatically. Monitor who confirmed, who declined. Send automatic notifications.

App Own Site Integrations

We plug your Websites, Social Networks, and WhatsApp

With your app, you centralise all your content in one. Your members will get access to your content published to other platform immediately.

Unlimited Members

Generate Unlimited Types of Membership & Invites

You can segment per category, profile, audience, type of marketing campaign with your QR code & Url Link generator.

Packaged Lifestyle Partners

Offer Additional Services & Benefits with our Partners

We have partners with 400 different merchants ready to offer discount, promotions & more to your members!

Free App Stores

iOS & Android Storage & Publishing Yearly Membership

Apple App Store charges a $99 annual developer fee and Google Play charges a one time fee of $25.

Integrated Payment Gateway

PayNow, GrabPay, Credit Card

You need to collect fees or membership? We partner with Stripe to integrate your payment gateway automatically.

Publish News & Tutorials

Create Unlimited Posts, News  & Offers, & Youtube videos

Insert URL link, pictures, and share your App content to multiple channels via our platform automatically.

In-App Social Network

Share a Moment, Thought, Selfie with your Members

You want your members to share, like & comment pictures, events, or emotions, to be seen only through the app! We have it!

Promote your Own Partners in App

Plug & Publish your very Own Retail & Lifestyle Partners

You work with specific Merchants, stores, people, community? Include them in your app and promote them automatically!

Training & Support

You have access to a dedicated Team to support you all the way.

We provide you with a comprehensive training & we are to help you if you need IT, Technical & Functional Support.

Yoga Stretch

Enhancing the overall experience and engagement with your members.

  • Offer convenient scheduling & class reservations,

  • Give access to resources such as guided trainings and sport tutorials,

  • Provides a platform for community building and communication between you and your students.

Differentiate yourself overnight!

Need more customization?

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Full Concierge Service

We can be your dedicated hotline to manage your member bookings, and or your follow ups, your meetings. 

Tell us what you need!

Image by Domenico Loia

Multiple Account Platform

You have an affiliated network and want to give them access to generate even more members? We have the solution!

Image by National Cancer Institute

Healthcare Benefits + Concierge

We partner with Panel of Clinics, Hospitals, Teleconsultation that offer exclusive rates to your members. 

Image by name_ gravity

Dedicated Insurance

Offer a specific set of insurance to your members and make extra money when they buy it!

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